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1Q 2015 Earnings Release DDR Corp. reports a 7.1% increase in operating FFO per diluted share to $0.30 for the quarter ended March 31, 2015.
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Capital Markets Update DDR Closes Refinancing of $800M Unsecured Revolving Credit Facilities & New $400M Unsecured Term Loan. Read more

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Stores are the New Black for Ecommerce
Stores are the New Black for Ecommerce

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DDR_Corp “As we continue to operate the business with less risk, our leverage metrics will continue to reduce over time” $DDR CFO Petherbridge

DDR_Corp “We will continue to utilize the market’s low cap rate environment to our advantage” $DDR CFO Petherbridge

DDR_Corp “We will operate with fewer non-income producing & non-prime assets” $DDR CFO Petherbridge