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DDR Reports 2Q16 Operating Results
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Thomas F. August Named CEO of DDR
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DDR Completes $58 Million of Transactions in 2Q16
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Puerto Rico Traffic Monitor
A seven-day surveillance of shopper traffic at Plaza del Sol in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Traffic Monitor




Corporate Social Responsibility

At DDR, we continuously strive to maintain our position as a responsible organization. Our more than 600 employees across the continental United States and Puerto Rico are finding innovative ways to deliver results that elevate our business performance, but do so in a way that promotes environmental, philanthropic and civic appreciation.

For our Company, corporate social responsibility consists of three primary pillars: People, Sustainability and Community.

People: Human capital is what ultimately differentiates asset-based companies, and we are committed to building and maintaining a world-class team. Our training and development programs provide employees with numerous opportunities to further their professional skill sets and career progression, and our college relations programs help us attract the young talent that will guide the future of our organization.

Sustainability: Our sustainability initiatives are three-fold, encompassing energy management, water conservation and waste reduction. This allows us to focus our time and resources on the areas where we can make the greatest impact on the environment while also delivering the greatest financial benefit to our tenants and shareholders.

Community: Operating in stable and vibrant communities is a hallmark for successful commercial real estate organizations, and DDR is committed to making a positive difference in the places where we live and work. Our employees continue to exhibit generosity through charitable contributions, and DDR frequently supports these donations through our in-kind corporate matching program.

2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

DDR Corp. Corporate Social Responsibility

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DDR Corp. owns and manages a dynamic portfolio of value-oriented retail shopping centers in the US and Puerto Rico.
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Our management team offers diverse experience in retail, management and financial sectors.
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Enterprise Risk Management | About DDR Corp.

Enterprise Risk Management allows DDR to identify, prioritize and effectively manage critical risks.
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